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Planning Your Legacy: Where to Start

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As a generation, baby boomers are starting to wonder how we can leave our mark upon the world. What, besides material possessions, can we hand down to the next generation? How do we capture and define the wisdom and values that we’ve cultivated over decades of experience? How do we pass these precious assets down to our children, grandchildren, and the world at large? The article linked below answers these questions.

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Famous Estate Planning Blunders

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Celebrities have enough money to hire the best estate planning lawyers. You would think celebrities, of all people, should have ironclad estate plans that keep their affairs private, leave money and possessions to the people they love and the charities they care about, and take advantage of legal ways to avoid or minimize estate taxes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out that way. The article linked below reveals some costly mistakes of the rich and famous.

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Six Tips for Organizing Your Records

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If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, would your loved ones know how to access your important records? Would they know which accounts you hold and where your money is? What about insurance policies? Real estate ownership papers? The six steps listed in the article below will help you keep track of your assets and finances.

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No-Regrets Lessons from a Man at Death’s Door

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What would happen if your earliest childhood dreams actually powered your life and business plans? What if you integrated fun into your weekly, monthly, and life goals? If you’re spending time on things that don’t matter, here’s a chance to rethink your plan. What life lessons would you share with the world if you had just months to live? Click below for help answering that question.

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Financial Planning for the Generations

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In most families, the needs and interests of family members overlap. Even if your money is separate, planning needs to happen for all. My latest article explores the relatively new concept of generational financial planning. Click here to learn more.