AUDIO: Tutor Financial Joins the Strong Women in Medicine Podcast

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Professionals who help families overcome addiction are selfless, oftentimes putting their own needs behind those of their clients. Is this you? Click the audio player below to hear my conversation with Candace Bellamy, MD, host of the Strong Women in Medicine podcast, as we discuss how to cope with financial stress. Want to learn more about how your behaviors may be impeding your financial success? Click here to take a brief 5 minute questionnaire. Upon completion, the results will be immediately emailed to you.

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Managing Through a Crisis

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Is it just a coincidence that the month of April is both Financial Awareness Month AND Alcohol Awareness Month? What is divine providence trying to tell us? The answer lies in the similarities between people who struggle with addiction and people who struggle with finances. As a Financial Advisor and a parent of a child in recovery, I chose to specialize in helping families who are battling addiction. I can state from experience that the road to recovery is long, winding and requires an EZ Pass! These families are going through a crisis in every sense of the word. Just …

PODCAST: How to Protect Your Assets from the Harmful Effects of Addiction

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Michael Lewis recently appeared on the UK-based Yeukai Business Show. The show featured Michael speaking with host Yeukai Kajidori about how families can protect their assets from the effects of addiction. Synopsis: The expression “workaholic” describes someone who is addicted to work. The business building activities release dopamine that influence your mood and feelings of reward and motivation- in some ways similar to that achieved through other addictions. The same set of skills required to transition an individual in recovery from getting sober to living a sober life are needed to transition an entrepreneur from ideation to presiding over an …

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Michael in the News: COVID-19 & Addiction

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I’m excited to be mentioned in the July 2020 INDY magazine article entitled “Will the Coronavirus Create the Next Generation of Addicts?”. I am deeply concerned that COVID will only exacerbate a problem the health system cannot adequately provide for. Articles like this help break the stigma of substance abuse and encourage families to seek the help they desperately need. Click below to read the article.