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Adding Value To Your Benefit Package with Long-term Care Insurance

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Employers: Are you offering Long Term Care insurance as a benefit to your employees?  Even those with substantial incomes and adequate retirement savings are concerned with how they would cover the costs of medical care for themselves or their loved ones, this benefit holds positive implications for staff retention and productivity. Let me help you to understand your options. Click here to learn more.

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Investment Risk

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You are ready to invest. There are so many questions that should be answered before you open an account or work with an advisor. Make sure you take the time to review the investment policy statement (IPS). An IPS will allow you to hold each other accountable.

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Healthcare Planning

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Maybe you get your health insurance through your employer. What happens when that option is no longer available to you or your family? You need a strategy to cover your health expenses for your entire life, not just your working life, or your current employer.

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Life Insurance

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Your family depends on you. Life insurance is but one tool in your risk mitigation strategy. With so many choices, how do you know that you have the right amount and type of coverage? Let’s talk today – you don’t have to do this alone.

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Life Insurance: Changing Times, Changing Needs

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If you already have life insurance, that’s great! But it’s safe to assume that you have experienced at least a few life changes since you purchased your policy. As life changes, so do your needs. This is why you should not let your policy run on autopilot. As your circumstances and needs change, periodic monitoring is needed to help ensure that your life insurance will achieve your desired objectives. Click here to read an article that discusses the importance of annual policy reviews. Click here to read the article.

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Working Hard vs. Addicted to Work

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My quote in my high school yearbook was the same as my father’s: “Hard work fascinates me, I could sit and watch it all day.” While the nature of work continues to evolve over time, my fascination is with the individual worker and not the actual work. Being a workaholic is not the same as being a smart worker, a strategic and efficient worker, or a creative thinker. Too many entrepreneurs think that working more will lead to greater success, but this is not true — instead, it may lead to becoming obsessed with the work, rather than the results.  …

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Managing Through a Crisis

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Is it just a coincidence that the month of April is both Financial Awareness Month AND Alcohol Awareness Month? What is divine providence trying to tell us? The answer lies in the similarities between people who struggle with addiction and people who struggle with finances. As a Financial Advisor and a parent of a child in recovery, I chose to specialize in helping families who are battling addiction. I can state from experience that the road to recovery is long, winding and requires an EZ Pass! These families are going through a crisis in every sense of the word. Just …