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Working Hard vs. Addicted to Work

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My quote in my high school yearbook was the same as my father’s: “Hard work fascinates me, I could sit and watch it all day.” While the nature of work continues to evolve over time, my fascination is with the individual worker and not the actual work. Being a workaholic is not the same as being a smart worker, a strategic and efficient worker, or a creative thinker. Too many entrepreneurs think that working more will lead to greater success, but this is not true — instead, it may lead to becoming obsessed with the work, rather than the results.  …

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Managing Through a Crisis

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Is it just a coincidence that the month of April is both Financial Awareness Month AND Alcohol Awareness Month? What is divine providence trying to tell us? The answer lies in the similarities between people who struggle with addiction and people who struggle with finances. As a Financial Advisor and a parent of a child in recovery, I chose to specialize in helping families who are battling addiction. I can state from experience that the road to recovery is long, winding and requires an EZ Pass! These families are going through a crisis in every sense of the word. Just …


Charitable Gifting Strategies

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2020 was an extremely difficult year. Many families had their incomes significantly reduced. As a result, they have come to rely on the services provided by their communities. The Jewish Federation of Raleigh’s mission, guided by the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tzedakah (righteous giving), is to mobilize human and financial resources to support and strengthen our local and global Jewish community and to meet the shared obligations of our local community to Israel and international Jewry.  Seeking to strengthen Jewish identity, the Federation serves as the facilitating force that connects generations, congregations, and the unaffiliated …

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Is Investing Gambling?

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As someone who has worked on Wall Street for 30+ years, the answer for individual investors is yes. The individual investor is at an informational disadvantage. There is a reason Wall Street and successful fund managers have technology and data budgets in the tens of millions of dollars and pay their portfolio managers, security analysts, and programmers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The gargantuan amount of information available through exchange tick data, news sources, social media, access to senior management, and financial statements is critical to making successful investment decisions. Professional investors using state of the art technology …

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What is the Meaning of Diversification?

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While the question is simple, the answer is not. Below I have listed several factors where diversification plays a role in reducing risk in an investment portfolio. Asset allocation Most people think of asset allocation when considering if their portfolio is properly diversified. We allocate our monies across the following three (3) asset classes: equities, fixed income, and cash. The decision to include an asset class is based upon their historical correlation with other asset classes. Correlation measures the strength of the relationship between two asset classes, where the value can range from +1 (perfectly correlated) to 0 (no relationship) …

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Collecting Social Security While Working

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According to a 2018 report prepared by the Stanford Center on Longevity, most American workers have not saved enough to allow them to retire at age 65 while maintaining their current standard of living. In 2019, a record number of American workers have lost their jobs, further diminishing their likelihood of a fully funded retirement. Many senior citizens are forced to seek employment in order to supplement their social security benefits which alone are unable to sustain them. This report will examine the implications of working while collecting social security, and what you can do to minimize the impact to …

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529 Plans

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A 529 Plan could be the answer for parents concerned over college tuition costs and financial assistance.

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Michael in the News: COVID-19 & Addiction

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I’m excited to be mentioned in the July 2020 INDY magazine article entitled “Will the Coronavirus Create the Next Generation of Addicts?”. I am deeply concerned that COVID will only exacerbate a problem the health system cannot adequately provide for. Articles like this help break the stigma of substance abuse and encourage families to seek the help they desperately need. Click below to read the article.