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Planning Your Legacy: Where to Start

As a generation, baby boomers are starting to wonder how we can leave our mark upon the world. What, besides…


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Famous Estate Planning Blunders

Celebrities have enough money to hire the best estate planning lawyers. You would think celebrities, of all people, should have…


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Six Tips for Organizing Your Records

If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, would your loved ones know how to access your important records? Would…


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No-Regrets Lessons from a Man at Death’s Door

What would happen if your earliest childhood dreams actually powered your life and business plans? What if you integrated fun…


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Last Will & Testament: Add a Letter Covering These 14 Wishes

Having a will is necessary, but there is a great deal of information the legal document does not include. Here’s…


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Charitable Gifting Through Community Foundations

As a lesser-known but viable alternative to a private foundation, a community foundation offers a number of philanthropic—as well as…


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6 Wealth & Success Lessons from The Ultimate Gift

Discover what it means to be wealthy or successful. If you’re like most, it takes a few hard knocks to…


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Intergenerational Transfers: Helping Adult Children

When a parent is considering giving or lending a child money, the key question is whether it’s empowering or enabling.…


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Financial Planning for the Generations

In most families, the needs and interests of family members overlap. Even if your money is separate, planning needs to…