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VIDEO: Goals and Dreams Are Powerful Motivators

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Recovery teaches us “take one day at a time”. When we introduce goals and dreams into the conversation, we not only convey belief that long-term recovery will happen, we replace emotional purchases with purposeful spending.

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VIDEO: The Total Cost of Recovery Includes Financial, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Issues

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As parents or partners of someone with a substance use disorder, it is imperative to remember that we have made promises to support the entire family – not just the patient.

The Language of Finance: Communication without Emotion

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As parents, all we want for our child suffering with addiction is to make it stop. We will do anything to make the pain and suffering go away. If we are fortunate and our loved one begins their journey on the road to recovery, we desperately want to help them transition from becoming sober to living a sober life. We know what they need to do; if only they would listen! This is delicious irony. We want them to listen, and they want to be heard. In my experience the reason there is no communication is due to emotion. The …